Announcements - Kasteria - new provisions, new possibilities
GOD Slugar
100 Rookstayer
on 2019-12-10 11:20:16
Kasteria - new provisions, new possibilities
Kasteria is the most well-known 8.0 server, which has always been welcomed and enjoyed by thousands of players. Kasteria as a first server in Europe managed to break through with a whopping 1950 players from the start. It is thus rather safe to say that you will certainly not feel alone while playing here!

But let's leave the previous edition behind us, and focus on what is ahead of us - A new & much better edition. We have since the past months been investing much time into developing the next edition so that you will be able to enjoy it even more.

We would therefore like to share some information about a few of our important updates & changes that we have been working on.

- A completely brand new client based on OTClient that will prevent of usage all so far exists bots
- A completely rewritten website that will protect us from all potential ddos attacks.
- A new & super-efficient game engine that will be able to provide a smooth gaming experience even for the big potential playerbase we actually have got (will easily hold 2000+ online without lag).
- A bit reduced experience rate, which will ensure that the server will indeed be longer lasting.
- A Dungeons system has been added (more information will be avaliable at our Wikipedia soon).
- Access to the Ruthless Seven quest will be blocked for the first 2-3 weeks.
- Automatic boss raids on Pits of Inferno has been added.
- In general, plenty of new security features has been added by us, that will be able to succesfully prohibit any kind of attack on us.
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