Announcements - Devlog #2 - In-game store
GOD Slugar
100 Rookstayer
on 2019-12-17 13:22:05
Devlog #2 - In-game store
As already mentioned, new client gave us new possibilities - we would like to present you a second feature that has been applied into our server which is In-game Store.

Store allows you to browse and buy products directly from within the game. Premium points are the currency with which you pay for these products. So to buy something from store, you need premium points on your account.

In order to access the store, you simply have to click on the respective icon in your inventory.

Immediately after premium points have been assigned to your account, you can use them in the store.
11 Sorcerer
on 2019-12-20 00:52:21
From USA and server just keeps telling me its offline which obviously it isn't. How can I play?
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