Announcements - Patch notes
GOD Slugar
100 Rookstayer
on 2020-01-12 12:20:23
Patch notes
Dear Kasterians,

There are rumours around that some players received exp/cash from support just for free, we want to calm you down - all players who received anything from us yesterday, received it in a reason of yesterdays DDOS attacks that caused people were dying - it was a compensate. Its just how it should be - if a player is loosing anything due to server problems he should receive it back.

We would like to thank all our players for actively helping on improving a server. Your feedback is imperitive to the continuous improvement and updating of Kasteria. As you can see there are many things fixed day by day. Our team is working more than a full-time job, so you can be sure your voices are being heard. Please see below the most updated list:

Minor server changes
- Captains (boat npcs) will now takes money from you bank balance at first point, then from your backpack [that change has been important due to lots of reports that someone lost his cash due to no cap or place in his backpack]
- Casts by players that has taken a banishment will now be removed from list of active casters
- Revamped sprites of donation scrolls ie. points scroll, djinn's scrolls etc due to lot of reports from players that has been scammed
- Fire fields and bombs will no longer remove soulfire condition
- War modes has been fixed, there was a bug that doesn't let you invite a guild to the war which has been disbanded and created again with same name
- Added 2 new in-game tasks which are: Chimeras and Hellspawns

Minor client changes
- Task window is now minimizable
- Added session widget that will track your experience progress and time of playing
- Battle list will now sort players/monsters by distance instead of name
- Hiding party players on battle list will now hide also guild members - if a guild is being at war
- Added arrows in game interface that will allow you to open/close panels
- Moved tasks progress and game session to the Widgets panel
- Corrected blinking tab while receiving a message from a player
- From now changing chat tab will scroll to newest messages
- Added customizable turn delay, so you can set it how you want [it will help with fast changing direction of your character, ie. attacking a monster using a spell 'exori vis']
- Removed some technical problems
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