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GOD Slugar
40 Rookstayer
on 2019-08-09 00:50:37
Update - Spectrum ship teaser
Lately we have been very busy with working on the new client, so the updates with the content has had to suffer for a little while. We apologize for that, but since we finally got done with it, we are now able to present you with our latest update - Spectrum ship!

Each and every server save there will be a chance that a Spectrum ship will crash on its way to Darashia, and thus break. This will in its own turn lead to the crashed ship getting stranded somewhere nearby the lands of Darashia.

If you then manage to find the broken ship, you will be able to help repairing it by completing a few tasks. The tasks given are global, and not personal which means that any player will be able to contribute to the task getting completed, at any time.

If the world completes all of the tasks requested from the Spectrum Captain, the next day after server save, the Captain might reward you by letting you travel to the lands of Spectrum Castle. This area contains good hunts for experience alongside with a chance of being able to respawn the mighty Castle Boss and reap its great rewards if you manage to slay it!

Spectrum ship will soon be haunting our world.
Be careful!
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