General Information
What is Kasteria? Kasteria is a real-map 8.0 server with party experience sharing and all quests. This server is trying to replicate the old days with extra features which make the game way more enjoyable. The server has a big community and playerbase, guaranteeing you a server you can have fun on, 24/7, any time you want.
Exp Rate stages
Skill Rate 6x
Magic Rate 3x
Loot Rate 3x
Regeneration 4x
Soul Points Soul Regen for non promoted vocations has been decreased to 30 seconds, while for promoted vocations still it will be 7 seconds.
Premium Account Features More information here.
Promotion Price 20,000 Gold Coins
Blessings Blessings can be obtained by any player and reduces how much experience, magic level and skills you will lose in a death. Every blessing costs 10k (10.000 gp), and you can only obtain it when you dont already have that blessing. These blessings will be lost if you die. More information here.
Cast System More information here.
Cam System More information here.
Spells Spells works as they should on 8.0 client version. Conjured runes: 2x charges, from NPC: 1x charge.
Antibot Client Without our client you can not play Kasteria. Press here to download our antibot client.
Shared Party Experience Share your experience with a friend and obtain the peaks of the server together with him/her! Worth mentioning is that it is +20% experience bonus for those who are in a party with shared experience enabled!
Houses You need PREMIUM ACCOUNT to buy a house. To buy a house use !buyhouse infront of the house you want. Price 140gp/sqm. Rent/weekly. You can buy a house, After premium account ends, you lose your house and all the items go to your depot.
Frag System A player gets a red skull if they kill:
Four unmarked characters in 12 hours,
Red Skull dissapear after 2 days
Ban for playing killing lasts 2 days
Commands !depot - takes first item on depot
!lootmessage - enable/disable loot message

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