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Barbarian Headsplitter
NameDescriptionNPC priceAverage loot value
Brass helmetAverage 1 per 3 kills30 gp9 gp
Brown piece of clothAverage 1 per 67 kills100 gp2 gp
Fur bootsAverage 1 per 667 kills2,000 gp3 gp
Gold coinAverage 1500 per 100 kills0 gp15 gp
KnifeAverage 1 per 4 kills1 gp0 gp
Krimhorn helmetAverage 1 per 606 kills200 gp0 gp
Life ringAverage 1 per 303 kills50 gp0 gp
Scale armorAverage 1 per 14 kills75 gp5 gp
SkullAverage 1 per 17 kills0 gp0 gp
TorchAverage 1 per 1 kills0 gp0 gp
Viking helmetAverage 1 per 13 kills66 gp5 gp
Average NPC loot value per kill: 39 gp
Current loot rate: 1.5x Extra gold rate: 1.5x
It is included in loot calculations above.
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