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If you client is not starting (missing dlls), you need to download and install this package: vc_redist.x86.exe
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Demon Skeleton [ AKA Demon Skeleton Event ]
NameDescriptionNPC priceAverage loot value
Battle hammerAverage 1 per 20 kills120 gp6 gp
Battle shieldAverage 1 per 45 kills95 gp2 gp
Gold coinAverage 2300 per 100 kills0 gp23 gp
Guardian shieldAverage 1 per 667 kills2,000 gp3 gp
Halloween tokenAverage 1 per 7 kills0 gp0 gp
Iron helmetAverage 1 per 25 kills150 gp6 gp
Mind stoneAverage 1 per 267 kills170 gp1 gp
Mysterious fetishAverage 1 per 86 kills50 gp1 gp
Throwing starAverage 20.85 per 100 kills2 gp0 gp
TorchAverage 1 per 2 kills0 gp0 gp
Average NPC loot value per kill: 41 gp
Current loot rate: 1.5x Extra gold rate: 1.5x
It is included in loot calculations above.
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