NameDescriptionNPC priceAverage loot value
Gold coinAverage 5000 per 100 kills0 gp50 gp
Gold coinAverage 1500 per 100 kills0 gp15 gp
Green gemAverage 1 per 208 kills0 gp0 gp
Green piece of clothAverage 1 per 10 kills200 gp20 gp
Green tapestryAverage 1 per 11 kills0 gp0 gp
Heavy macheteAverage 1 per 6 kills90 gp15 gp
Mystic turbanAverage 1 per 167 kills150 gp1 gp
PearAverage 62.1 per 100 kills0 gp0 gp
Royal spearAverage 69 per 100 kills0 gp0 gp
Small emeraldAverage 1 per 4 kills250 gp59 gp
Small oil lampAverage 1 per 167 kills0 gp0 gp
Wand of infernoAverage 1 per 95 kills3,000 gp32 gp
Average NPC loot value per kill: 191 gp
Current loot rate: 3x Extra gold rate: 1.5x
It is included in loot calculations above.
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