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30 March 2019 at 19:50 - Due to a lot of requests we decided to raise loot rate by 30% permanently.
Forest Fury
NameDescriptionNPC priceAverage loot value
Boots of hasteAverage 1 per 222 kills30,000 gp135 gp
Charmer's tiaraAverage 1 per 30 kills900 gp30 gp
Crown armorAverage 1 per 111 kills12,000 gp108 gp
Dragon scale mailAverage 1 per 333 kills40,000 gp120 gp
Energy ringAverage 1 per 10 kills100 gp10 gp
Gold coinAverage 5000 per 100 kills0 gp50 gp
Gold coinAverage 5000 per 100 kills0 gp50 gp
Gold coinAverage 2300 per 100 kills0 gp23 gp
Golden mugAverage 1 per 19 kills0 gp0 gp
Green mushroomAverage 1 per 4 kills0 gp0 gp
Life crystalAverage 1 per 103 kills85 gp1 gp
Life ringAverage 1 per 12 kills50 gp4 gp
Mercenary swordAverage 1 per 27 kills12,000 gp441 gp
Old parchmentAverage 1 per 65 kills0 gp0 gp
Power boltAverage 1 per 11 kills0 gp0 gp
Royal helmetAverage 1 per 333 kills30,000 gp90 gp
Small sapphireAverage 1 per 5 kills250 gp47 gp
Snakebite rodAverage 1 per 42 kills100 gp2 gp
Strange helmetAverage 1 per 103 kills500 gp5 gp
Tower shieldAverage 1 per 78 kills8,000 gp102 gp
Warrior helmetAverage 1 per 63 kills5,000 gp79 gp
Average NPC loot value per kill: 1,296 gp
Current loot rate: 1.5x Extra gold rate: 1.5x
It is included in loot calculations above.
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