Download Client

If you client is not starting (missing dlls), you need to download and install this package: vc_redist.x86.exe
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Support team on Askara

Easiest way to contact with support team is CTRL+R in game.
You can also contact support team by private message.
Support team list
GodGOD Bunny Poland
GodGOD Gesior Unknown
GodGOD Slugar Poland
GodGOD Kasti Poland
GamemasterGM Dymek Poland
Senior TutorKapota Burdel Tata Poland
Senior TutorSimba Poland
Senior TutorStorm Evoker Poland
TutorGesior Unknown
TutorShaves United States
TutorTabi Poland
TutorWesoly Burdel Synek Poland
TutorWojownik Zpoludnia Netherlands
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