Change Log

19 July 2019 - Dungeons appear!

Hello Kasterians

It gives us great pleasure to present to your our first big update - Dungeons. This amazing new feature currently has 3 levels of difficulty; you’ll be able to choose from:

Easy – minimum level: 40
Medium – minimum level: 70
Hard – minimum level: 120

To enter Dungeons (dungeons are being in NON-PVP zone, so you can be sure that noone will surprise you while doing it) you can find NPC Jinx located west of Carlin and speak with him. You have to be in party that counts 4 members (vocations doesn't matter). Once you have entered the Dungeons you must be quick, as you only have 30 minutes to complete it. If you exceed 30 minutes, you will be kicked out to temple. You must kill 150 monsters for that particular Dungeon and at the end, kill the BOSS that will spawn on last killed monster position.

After boss is killed you will be teleported to the reward room in which you can claim your prize which stays as secret for you. Please remember that you can do Dungeon once a day
We have recognized where the server is right now and don’t worry; in the future we will add more new and exciting Dungeons for you to take on. We would like to take this opportunity to thanks all our players for choosing Kasteria and look forward to announcing more updates.

Oh, and don’t forget, this weekend between the server saves of July 19th and 22nd all monsters will yield 30% more the usual loot rate! Have a great weekend!

17 July 2019 - Dungeons

Dear players,

Today, dungeons were supposed to appear on the server, but due to a few missing functions in the game engine that needed to be written and which were necessary to create such a complex system, we are slightly delayed in time as we don't want to meet any unexpected issues. The system should appear on Friday 19th July providing we don’t find any other big issues. We apologize for the delay.

Additionaly, we would like to inform you that between the server saves of July 19 and July 22, all monsters will yield 30% more the usual amount of loot rate.

12 July 2019 - New content!

Hello Kasterians,

First of all, thank you for trusting us with this latest perfected edition of Kasteria.

We would like to announce we are currently working on a brand new city including new tasks, monsters and missions to bring even more great content to our client.

Also, keep an eye out on Wednesday 17th July for Dungeons which will have some exciting new bosses and rewards! More informations about how Dungeons are going to look like will be provided on Tuesday 16th July!

10 July 2019 - Kasteria starts 9 july 2019!

Kasteria is the most well-known 8.0 server, which has always been welcomed and enjoyed by thousands of players. At our last edition, we managed to break through with a whopping 1950 players from the start. It is thus rather safe to say that you will certainly not feel alone while playing here!

But let's leave the previous edition behind us, and focus on what is ahead of us - A new & much better edition. We have since the past months been investing much time into developing the next edition so that you will be able to enjoy it even more.

We would therefore like to share some information about a few of our important updates & changes that we have been working on.

- A completely rewritten website that will protect us from all potential ddos attacks.
- A new & super-efficient game engine that will be able to provide a smooth gaming experience even for the big potential playerbase we actually have got (will easily hold 2000+ online without lag).
- A bit reduced experience rate, which will ensure that the server will indeed be longer lasting.
- A Dungeons system has been added (more information will be avaliable soon).
- Access to the Ruthless Seven quest will be blocked for the first 2-3 weeks.
- Automatic boss raids on Pits of Inferno has been added.
- In general, plenty of new security features has been added by us, that will be able to succesfully prohibit any kind of attack on us.

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