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Server is online and should stay stable as it should be!

If you client is not starting (missing dlls), you need to download and install this package: vc_redist.x86.exe
Changelog - game changes
19 January 2020
Dear players,

at 14:05 we had an issue on our dedicated server which has been caused with unspecified reason yet. Sometimes things that we cannot control may happen, but we as a owners of the server are responsible for such things even if these were not caused by us - thats why we have decided to add 3 days of premium account for every each player in a compensate for downtime. Below, we present an e-mail that we have received from OVH:

"Our monitoring system has detected a problem on your server.
The problem was detected on 1/19/2020 14:05:10.

Our team in the server room (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
has been notified of the problem and will intervene on the server.

Other interventions can be currently performed. Intervention on everyone
the server can take an average of 30 minutes.
Therefore, we cannot provide you with the exact start time

At 15:10 server has been turned on and Kasteria has been launched again.

Due to a lot of requests about random pk we decided to increase few limits that has been set with today's server save.

- Increased frag time from 12 to 24 hours if you are a FACC player, and from 8 to 16 hours if you are a PACC player
- Increased PVP level limit from 20 to 30
- Level limit on specific chats such as on Help has been set

Experience, loot boost & Prison Spawn
14 January 2020
Due to lots of requests from players that were not able to play during the boost time, we have decided to extend boost till Sunday 19.01.2020. Have a nice hunting!

We would like to announce that between the server saves of January 15 and January 17, all monsters will yield 50% more the usual amount of experience points, additionaly you have the chance to collect double the amount of loot from every monster you kill during that time.

Additionaly, with tommorow's server save Prison Spawn is going to be implemented. Prison will be located in same place as always - to the south of Dark Catedra. To these who doesn't know the spawn - Prison is a big spawn that has been created mainly for teamhunts on which you may meet monsters such as Nightmares, Demon Outcasts etc.

Patch notes
12 January 2020
Dear Kasterians,

There are rumours around that some players received exp/cash from support just for free, we want to calm you down - all players who received anything from us yesterday, received it in a reason of yesterdays DDOS attacks that caused people were dying - it was a compensate. Its just how it should be - if a player is loosing anything due to server problems he should receive it back.

We would like to thank all our players for actively helping on improving a server. Your feedback is imperitive to the continuous improvement and updating of Kasteria. As you can see there are many things fixed day by day. Our team is working more than a full-time job, so you can be sure your voices are being heard. Please see below the most updated list:

Minor server changes
- Captains (boat npcs) will now takes money from you bank balance at first point, then from your backpack [that change has been important due to lots of reports that someone lost his cash due to no cap or place in his backpack]
- Casts by players that has taken a banishment will now be removed from list of active casters
- Revamped sprites of donation scrolls ie. points scroll, djinn's scrolls etc due to lot of reports from players that has been scammed
- Fire fields and bombs will no longer remove soulfire condition
- War modes has been fixed, there was a bug that doesn't let you invite a guild to the war which has been disbanded and created again with same name
- Added 2 new in-game tasks which are: Chimeras and Hellspawns

Minor client changes
- Task window is now minimizable
- Added session widget that will track your experience progress and time of playing
- Battle list will now sort players/monsters by distance instead of name
- Hiding party players on battle list will now hide also guild members - if a guild is being at war
- Added arrows in game interface that will allow you to open/close panels
- Moved tasks progress and game session to the Widgets panel
- Corrected blinking tab while receiving a message from a player
- From now changing chat tab will scroll to newest messages
- Added customizable turn delay, so you can set it how you want [it will help with fast changing direction of your character, ie. attacking a monster using a spell 'exori vis']
- Removed some technical problems

Update & Extra loot event
4 January 2020
This weekend brings an exciting new update called 'Spectrum Ship'. The Ship will appear randomly near the passage of Ankrahmun and Darashia (Ankrahmun side, continue east until you reach the beaches down the side of the map) and from here you can climb aboard and speak to the NPC Lazy-Eye Sam. This pirate is like all pirates, he desires treasure and will smell strongly of rum but will also give you tasks to complete. These will include jobs to help him repair his ship so he can again set sail.

These are global tasks so its up to the people of Kasteria to work together so everyone can benefit! Once you have completed his missions you will be able to travel with NPC Lazy-Eye Sam on the next server save to remote islands where you will encounter a Boss for the next 3 days!

All players will be able to travel to the boss islands at anytime, killing each boss once every 6 hours. You can do this solo if your brave enough or in a team of 5 maximum (1-5 players). The risk can be high but also so is the rewards. Each day will bring a different boss of the elements - Fire, Energy and Poison from which you can loot exciting new items. For example when you kill the Fire Boss, you will have the chance to loot protection equipment against fire, helping you hunt those dangerous monsters like Demons and Hellfire fighters and the same for energy and poison. The main reward will be the protection against the elements sets but you can also loot other rares and basic items.

The crashed Spectrum Ship will definately appear on Sunday 5th January so be ready! If the missions are not completed it will disappear again and arrive again randomly.

This amazing new update doesnt stop here, should the people of Kasteria complete the missions the entire server will benefit from a global reward. This reward will be 10% extra loot for the duration of the 3 days which you can travel to the boss islands!

As always, we would like to thank all of our players for chosing Kasteria and we have one surprise left for you in this latest news. From Saturday 4th January server save all monsters will yield 50% EXTRA LOOT until server save on 6th January Monday

Patch notes
29 December 2019
Thank you once again for trusting us by playing Kasteria. We are really grateful - your activity motivate us to continue our hard work to provide the best gaming experience for you.

Here is a list of things that has been fixed/updated during last few days. Thank you for all of the reports which help us develop the server.

- changed experience values from tasks (it's calculated by current character experience stage)
- added availiblity to repeat experience tasks
- added various of limitations for tasks (mostly for parties), full information:
- added availiblity to minimize inventory window in client
- increased messages limit on chat channels from 100 to 2000
- added loot channel
- from now if one of party member have premium account, all of the rest members will see the loot from killed monster
- removed CTRL + E shortcut to open/close task progress window
- CTRL + E is now closing a chat and actives next chat window [so now it won't 'block' spells anymore]
- availibility to use mouse scroll to move chat windows
- added all missing items to the store
- food and spears will be automaticly spawned on trainers each server save
- removed client console errors
- fixed various bugs on game client
- added few new pages to our Wikipedia, recommended to check these if you are new commer

Christmass Event
22 December 2019
With the holidays approaching we have an exciting event to share with you, our Christmas Event which will launch tomorrow Monday 23rd December!

To enter the event you simply need to enter a teleport which will appear in the Temple of all cities (you will see the Christmas sparkle on the teleport!). These will appear every 8 hours so be sure to keep an eye out for when they pop up. This event is a lot of fun but also bring a full cap of supplies as once you enter you will encounter the armies of Christmas Destroyers that will try to stop you in your path from winning your presents. As you work your way through you must take care on which places you step as you might awaken more monsters! Once you have battled through the snow you will find yourselves surrounded by a number of raids of Christmas Destroyers which you must kill together in order to proceed back to your temples.

As you fight together to bring down the raids of Christmas Destroyers you will be able to loot Christmas Tokens, from which you can exchange for presents at NPC Santa Clause upon finishing this event. Some presents are easy to obtain from Santa Clause but there are also some surpirse rare items of high value which you may receive if your lucky enough. Additionally, all players who complete this event will receive 10% EXP bonus for 6 hours so make sure you dont miss it!

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Game has been stabilized!
20 December 2019
This launch has been a very interesting one, with a large amount of DDOS attacks it has taken all of our expertise to stabilize. Kasteria is known as the best 8.0 server and with the team we have, we understand the expectation to deliver to our players. Following some further investments we are now back to the high standard our players expect, with a smooth gameplay, no lags and absolutely stable server. We would like to take this chance to thank each and every one of our players for staying with us, it really makes us proud to be hosting this amazing server!

We have worked around the clock to ensure the gameplay is the best it can be and are very pleased to see such a large amount of players at this festive time of year - Over 1,200 players at opening going into the winter holidays! We have looked closely at all aspects of kasteria including the exp rates, loot etc which send a clear message that this server is here to stay long term.

Merry Christmas!

Devlog #2 - In-game store
17 December 2019
As already mentioned, new client gave us new possibilities - we would like to present you a second feature that has been applied into our server which is In-game Store.

Store allows you to browse and buy products directly from within the game. Premium points are the currency with which you pay for these products. So to buy something from store, you need premium points on your account.

In order to access the store, you simply have to click on the respective icon in your inventory.

Immediately after premium points have been assigned to your account, you can use them in the store.

Devlog #1
14 December 2019
As you might have heard since last edition of Kasteria, we introduced a brand new client which replaced the older one. It gave us the possibility to create new unique client-sided features.

We would today like to present you the "Task List" window. It is, as you can see from the picture above, a window that will keep track of all out of your current or finished tasks in order to avoid you having to talk to an NPC. You will of course be able to minimize it at any given point of time.

For the better Kasteria!

Kasteria - new provisions, new possibilities
10 December 2019
Kasteria is the most well-known 8.0 server, which has always been welcomed and enjoyed by thousands of players. Kasteria as a first server in Europe managed to break through with a whopping 1950 players from the start. It is thus rather safe to say that you will certainly not feel alone while playing here!

But let's leave the previous edition behind us, and focus on what is ahead of us - A new & much better edition. We have since the past months been investing much time into developing the next edition so that you will be able to enjoy it even more.

We would therefore like to share some information about a few of our important updates & changes that we have been working on.

- A completely brand new client based on OTClient that will prevent of usage all so far exists bots
- A completely rewritten website that will protect us from all potential ddos attacks.
- A new & super-efficient game engine that will be able to provide a smooth gaming experience even for the big potential playerbase we actually have got (will easily hold 2000+ online without lag).
- A bit reduced experience rate, which will ensure that the server will indeed be longer lasting.
- A Dungeons system has been added (more information will be avaliable at our Wikipedia soon).
- Access to the Ruthless Seven quest will be blocked for the first 2-3 weeks.
- Automatic boss raids on Pits of Inferno has been added.
- In general, plenty of new security features has been added by us, that will be able to succesfully prohibit any kind of attack on us.

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