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Name Town Size Price Status
Ramahos 1, Flat 01Ramahos567,840 gpOwned by Wale TwardoView
Ramahos 1, Flat 02Ramahos567,840 gpOwned by SalvatorView
Ramahos 1, Flat 03Ramahos577,980 gpOwned by AbavadamakView
Ramahos 1, Flat 04Ramahos567,840 gpOwned by Infra RedView
Ramahos 2, Flat 01Ramahos486,720 gpOwned by TherionView
Ramahos 2, Flat 02Ramahos375,180 gpOwned by SnusolView
Ramahos 2, Flat 03Ramahos395,460 gpOwned by KolczanView
Ramahos 2, Flat 04Ramahos628,680 gpEmptyView
Ramahos 2, Flat 05Ramahos608,400 gpOwned by Juan De OnateView
Ramahos 3, Flat 01Ramahos13719,180 gpOwned by Legendary Di'MacuevasView
Darashia 4, Flat 01Ramahos466,440 gpOwned by Swae LeeView
Darashia 4, Flat 02Ramahos466,440 gpOwned by Siktir LanView
Darashia 4, Flat 03Ramahos8411,760 gpOwned by SkubanyView
Darashia 4, Flat 04Ramahos466,440 gpOwned by Vita UgglanView
Darashia 4, Flat 05Ramahos466,440 gpOwned by BussmickeView
Woodway 1Safe Port283,920 gpOwned by Walczi WariaczenkoView
Woodway 2Safe Port212,940 gpOwned by Oktagon ZweryfikujeView
Woodway 3Safe Port233,220 gpOwned by LokkaoView
Woodway 4Safe Port273,780 gpOwned by GedziulaView
Woodway 5Safe Port263,640 gpOwned by FishyView
Woodway 6Safe Port334,620 gpOwned by FunekView
Jungle Edge 1Safe Port375,180 gpOwned by Szymus'szymus'szymusView
Jungle Edge 2Safe Port344,760 gpOwned by RoniView
Jungle Edge 3Safe Port324,480 gpOwned by PunioView
Jungle Edge 4Safe Port324,480 gpOwned by Whiskey SourView
Jungle Edge 5Safe Port192,660 gpOwned by HyhyhyView
Jungle Edge 6Safe Port263,640 gpOwned by Kamil SzwancView
Banana Bay 1Safe Port10815,120 gpOwned by VolerplView
Charsirakh I aAnkhora507,000 gpOwned by Rara AvisView
Charsirakh I bAnkhora131,820 gpOwned by DzarekView
Othehothep I aAnkhora263,640 gpOwned by PixaView
Othehothep I bAnkhora263,640 gpOwned by Pod PrzykrywkaView
Othehothep I cAnkhora253,500 gpOwned by PaltegumiView
Othehothep I dAnkhora263,640 gpOwned by KompozytorView
Othehothep I eAnkhora365,040 gpOwned by BlantocholikView
Thanah I aAnkhora517,140 gpOwned by DanekView
Thanah I bAnkhora253,500 gpOwned by Malutki SkiepaView
Thanah I cAnkhora263,640 gpOwned by VhilaorView
Thanah I dAnkhora365,040 gpOwned by Elite DruidView
Botham I aAnkhora567,840 gpOwned by PiotrekView
Botham I bAnkhora679,380 gpOwned by XantiView
Botham I cAnkhora496,860 gpOwned by Vablan LaryView
Arakmehn IAnkhora507,000 gpOwned by ManniaczekView
Arakmehn IIAnkhora131,820 gpOwned by Kawalek TojaView
Murkhol I aAnkhora7911,060 gpOwned by Ma GramView
Murkhol I bAnkhora8211,480 gpOwned by Neutral BlazeView
Oskahl I aAnkhora162,240 gpOwned by Surprise MthfckerView
Oskahl I bAnkhora172,380 gpOwned by RajderView
Oskahl I cAnkhora334,620 gpOwned by KalijesckalisracView
Oskahl I dAnkhora162,240 gpOwned by Szeroki MordaView
Esuph I aAnkhora192,660 gpEmptyView
Esuph I bAnkhora192,660 gpEmptyView
Esuph I cAnkhora192,660 gpOwned by Patada En Los HuevsView
Esuph I dAnkhora192,660 gpEmptyView
Botham I dAnkhora131,820 gpEmptyView
Murkhol I cAnkhora263,640 gpOwned by DaroszView
Rookgaard Town #1Rookgaard273,780 gpOwned by NeizokView
Rookgaard Town #2Rookgaard324,480 gpOwned by Master RookstayerView
Rookgaard Town #3Rookgaard223,080 gpOwned by Clix RookstayerView
Rookgaard Village #1Rookgaard11215,680 gpOwned by Fifka LufkiView
Park Lane 1Esgar436,020 gpOwned by VigokuView
Park Lane 2Esgar436,020 gpOwned by Johny DickView
Park Lane 3Esgar324,480 gpOwned by Poczciwy KrzychuView
Park Lane 4Esgar324,480 gpOwned by Jurrek KillerView
Park Lane 5Esgar517,140 gpOwned by Bagietka RustykalnaView
Theater Avenue 1Esgar314,340 gpOwned by Mateusz Dragon WielkiView
Theater Avenue 2Esgar283,920 gpOwned by Bald TibianView
Theater Avenue 3Esgar365,040 gpOwned by FlokiView
Theater Avenue 4Esgar8311,620 gpOwned by IlluminatiView
East Lane 1aEsgar659,100 gpOwned by Psyho KrecikView
East Lane 1bEsgar679,380 gpOwned by HubView
East Lane 1cEsgar10314,420 gpOwned by HexlordView
Lonely Sea Side HostelEsgar37552,500 gpOwned by ZuberixView
Magician's Alley 1Esgar648,960 gpOwned by PovixView
Magician's Alley 2Esgar273,780 gpOwned by Second AssaultView
Magician's Alley 3Esgar7810,920 gpOwned by ZeytView
Magician's Alley 4Esgar233,220 gpOwned by VequixView
Magician's Alley 5Esgar233,220 gpOwned by BlbxView
Harbour Lane 1Esgar385,320 gpOwned by KarasView
Harbour Lane 2Esgar395,460 gpOwned by HexerView
Harbour Lane 3Esgar15021,000 gpOwned by MoodziutkiView
Harbour Lane 4Esgar8411,760 gpOwned by MedoveyView
Central Plaza 1Esgar446,160 gpOwned by WounddView
Central Plaza 2Esgar11516,100 gpOwned by Zjaponka WjezdzamView
Central Plaza 3Esgar9913,860 gpOwned by KaptenaView
Dark MansionEsgar43060,200 gpEmptyView
Nordic StrongholdEsgar62287,080 gpOwned by Marek GrechutaView
Warriors GuildhallEsgar25635,840 gpEmptyView
Harbour Flats, Flat 1Askara172,380 gpOwned by KilluaView
Harbour Flats, Flat 2Askara172,380 gpOwned by Rudvano SnowView
Harbour Flats, Flat 3Askara172,380 gpOwned by Rafal BobrowskiView
Harbour Flats, Flat 4Askara162,240 gpOwned by MajkeleleView
Harbour Flats, Flat 5Askara172,380 gpOwned by FluxView
Harbour Flats, Flat 6Askara172,380 gpOwned by DaleadorniView
Harbour Flats, Flat 7Askara273,780 gpOwned by WladziuView
Harbour Flats, Flat 8Askara273,780 gpOwned by Mikmoxa WarlothView
Harbour Flats, Flat 9Askara273,780 gpOwned by SnitramView
Harbour Flats, Flat 10Askara273,780 gpOwned by VanitasView
Northern Street 1Askara10714,980 gpOwned by Cyce LizaneView
Northern Street 2Askara7310,220 gpOwned by MichuView
Northern Street 3Askara395,460 gpOwned by King ObrzyganiecView
Northern Street 4Askara385,320 gpOwned by Dark LordView
Northern Street 5Askara638,820 gpOwned by YtashiView
Harbour Lane 1aAskara334,620 gpOwned by EferusView
Harbour Lane 1bAskara334,620 gpOwned by Lori MontanaView
Harbour Lane 1cAskara283,920 gpOwned by Golden RunesView
Harbour Lane 1dAskara283,920 gpOwned by Vasco LordeView
Harbour Lane 2aAskara456,300 gpOwned by XizoView
Harbour Lane 2bAskara456,300 gpOwned by NetheonView
Harbour Lane 3aAskara7210,080 gpOwned by SuzzyView
Harbour Lane 3bAskara9713,580 gpOwned by Luzny ZrzutView
Harbour Lane 3cAskara7310,220 gpOwned by ArwenaView
Harbour Lane 3dAskara486,720 gpOwned by RaijuView
East Lane 1Askara344,760 gpOwned by TommyView
East Lane 2Askara7410,360 gpOwned by KubsonView
East Lane 3Askara446,160 gpOwned by MironView
East Lane 4Askara334,620 gpOwned by AneczkaView
East Lane 5Askara527,280 gpOwned by Chory PsycholView
East Lane 6Askara527,280 gpOwned by GrillbeView
Central Street 1Askara7610,640 gpOwned by Pogon SzczecinView
Central Street 2Askara709,800 gpOwned by XendusView
Central Street 3Askara709,800 gpOwned by King ChudyView
Central Street 4Askara14920,860 gpOwned by HuricaneView
Mill Avenue 1Askara10314,420 gpOwned by Palek HereView
Mill Avenue 2Askara10314,420 gpOwned by Zwinny Jenot MlotkarzView
Central Street 5Askara628,680 gpOwned by Drim RpView
Central Street 6Askara9813,720 gpOwned by Taki TamView
Central Street 7Askara9313,020 gpOwned by BydlaqView
Magician's Alley 1aAskara283,920 gpOwned by LxwyView
Magician's Alley 1bAskara283,920 gpOwned by BedurekView
Magician's Alley 1cAskara283,920 gpOwned by BowmanView
Magician's Alley 1dAskara14620,440 gpOwned by Wojownik ZpoludniaView
Park Lane 1aAskara10714,980 gpOwned by Mr ApleView
Park Lane 1bAskara537,420 gpOwned by Frost DragonView
Park Lane 1cAskara405,600 gpOwned by Rozowa WersowView
Magician's Alley 2aAskara172,380 gpOwned by ShaqView
Magician's Alley 2bAskara172,380 gpOwned by Loniaki WilliamsView
Magician's Alley 2cAskara172,380 gpOwned by Majster KlepkaView
Sky Lane 1Askara8511,900 gpOwned by Arasher VirusView
Sky Lane 2Askara8511,900 gpOwned by MakimwkView
Sky Lane 3Askara9112,740 gpOwned by Wale WiadraView
Lower HouseAskara19327,020 gpOwned by ShootView
Upper Swamp Lane 1Askara8912,460 gpOwned by Rekin JnwView
Upper Swamp Lane 2Askara8411,760 gpOwned by Kogo BijecieView
Upper Swamp Lane 3Askara446,160 gpOwned by SeromontisView
Upper Swamp Lane 4Askara344,760 gpOwned by FearuView
Upper Swamp Lane 5Askara8912,460 gpOwned by LiilliilliilliilView
Mill Avenue 3Askara9413,160 gpOwned by Itz TonyView
Mill Avenue 4Askara496,860 gpOwned by Niepozorny PrawiczekView
Mill Avenue 5Askara689,520 gpOwned by Ksiaze KapotaView
Mystic Lane 1Askara11315,820 gpOwned by ProwokatorView
Mystic Lane 2Askara476,580 gpOwned by BalaganiarzView
Mystic Lane 3Askara486,720 gpOwned by DziadziaView
Mystic Lane 4Askara577,980 gpOwned by Na CpanyView
Mystic Lane 5Askara131,820 gpOwned by Cuatro NavajazsView
Mystic Lane 6Askara131,820 gpEmptyView
Mystic Lane 7Askara131,820 gpEmptyView
Mystic Lane 1aAskara263,640 gpOwned by Vincent VegaView
Mystic Lane 1bAskara223,080 gpOwned by BalenciagaView
Mystic Lane 1cAskara263,640 gpOwned by Wszyscy UmrzemyView
Mystic Lane 1dAskara233,220 gpOwned by Santiago DimenorView
Greenshore Village 3Askara9212,880 gpEmptyView
Bank IAskara162,240 gpOwned by MylooView
Bank IIAskara162,240 gpOwned by Kaniel OutisView
Bank IIIAskara162,240 gpOwned by QpiView
Greenshore Village 1Askara22932,060 gpOwned by PrzecietniaczekView
Greenshore Village 2Askara7210,080 gpEmptyView
MoonkeepAskara43861,320 gpOwned by Calling Himself LegendView
House of RecreationAskara66492,960 gpOwned by Jebac Instytucje PrawneView
RiverspringAskara40957,260 gpOwned by BoolczykView
Shadow TowersAskara62988,060 gpOwned by CorflakeView
SpiritkeepAskara39555,300 gpEmptyView
Acaria Village 1Askara7410,360 gpEmptyView
Acaria Village 2Askara324,480 gpOwned by Trut Aka MadafakaView
Acaria Village 3Askara12217,080 gpEmptyView
Acaria Village 4Askara436,020 gpOwned by Amazing StuffView
Acaria Village 5Askara344,760 gpOwned by AzokView
Acaria Village 6Askara517,140 gpOwned by HanysView
Acaria Village 7Askara8211,480 gpOwned by Pierce BrosnanView
Acaria Village 8Askara12918,060 gpOwned by BoczaarekView
Acaria Village 9Askara354,900 gpOwned by Sliczne PieskiView
Acaria Village 10Askara719,940 gpOwned by Ventar AlhaquView
Acaria Village 11Askara354,900 gpOwned by WitcherView
East Lane 7Askara517,140 gpOwned by Nocna ZmoraView
East Lane 8Askara517,140 gpOwned by SimbaView
Magician's Alley 6Esgar10114,140 gpOwned by KetnaView
Ramahos 4, Flat 01Ramahos679,380 gpOwned by FraskoView
Ramahos 4, Flat 02Ramahos517,140 gpOwned by Aashra DruidView
Ramahos 4, Flat 03Ramahos8812,320 gpOwned by Slepy SorkView
Ramahos 4, Flat 05Ramahos527,280 gpOwned by Minhatos'Juare ReturnsView
Ramahos 4, Flat 06Ramahos415,740 gpOwned by Edurado LocoView
Ramahos 4, Flat 07Ramahos486,720 gpOwned by GaborView
Ramahos 4, Flat 08Ramahos679,380 gpOwned by Don PechoView
Ramahos 5, Flat 01Ramahos689,520 gpOwned by KulawaView
Ramahos 5, Flat 02Ramahos618,540 gpOwned by NorbioswView
Ramahos 5, Flat 03Ramahos334,620 gpOwned by KrygvView
Ramahos 5, Flat 04Ramahos365,040 gpEmptyView
Ramahos 5, Flat 05Ramahos527,280 gpOwned by KuzynoslawView
Ramahos 6, Flat 01Ramahos567,840 gpOwned by UnkillableView
Ramahos 6, Flat 02Ramahos334,620 gpOwned by Zoicz'ekView
Ramahos 6, Flat 03Ramahos334,620 gpEmptyView
Ramahos 6, Flat 04Ramahos567,840 gpEmptyView
Ramahos 7, Flat 01Ramahos588,120 gpOwned by MlodyyView
Ramahos 7, Flat 02Ramahos385,320 gpOwned by CycView
Ramahos 7, Flat 03Ramahos7710,780 gpOwned by Chucky ZipView
Ramahos 7, Flat 04Ramahos588,120 gpOwned by Para LajzView
Ramahos 7, Flat 05Ramahos385,320 gpEmptyView
Ramahos 7, Flat 06Ramahos7710,780 gpOwned by Fanatick HzhmView
Ramahos 2, Flat 04Ramahos628,680 gpOwned by Gienek RyathView
Magician's Alley 1eAskara557,700 gpOwned by Pijany WojakView
Magician's Alley 1fAskara476,580 gpOwned by RagnarView
Rookgaard Town #4Rookgaard152,100 gpOwned by ZozolView
Harbour Lane 5Esgar547,560 gpOwned by SiupaView
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