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Name Town Size Price Status
Warriors GuildhallThais53574,900 gpEmptyView
Harbour Place 2 (Shop)Thais547,560 gpEmptyView
Harbour Place 1 (Shop)Thais476,580 gpEmptyView
Sunset Homes, Flat 01Thais253,500 gpEmptyView
Sunset Homes, Flat 02Thais253,500 gpEmptyView
Sunset Homes, Flat 03Thais304,200 gpEmptyView
Sunset Homes, Flat 11Thais253,500 gpEmptyView
Sunset Homes, Flat 12Thais253,500 gpEmptyView
Sunset Homes, Flat 13Thais354,900 gpEmptyView
Sunset Homes, Flat 14Thais304,200 gpEmptyView
Sunset Homes, Flat 21Thais253,500 gpEmptyView
Sunset Homes, Flat 22Thais253,500 gpEmptyView
Sunset Homes, Flat 23Thais354,900 gpEmptyView
Sunset Homes, Flat 24Thais304,200 gpEmptyView
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 01Thais263,640 gpEmptyView
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 02Thais253,500 gpEmptyView
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 03Thais263,640 gpEmptyView
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 04Thais243,360 gpEmptyView
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 05Thais243,360 gpEmptyView
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 11Thais304,200 gpEmptyView
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 12Thais304,200 gpEmptyView
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 13Thais294,060 gpEmptyView
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 14Thais152,100 gpEmptyView
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 15Thais152,100 gpEmptyView
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 06Thais405,600 gpEmptyView
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 16Thais405,600 gpEmptyView
Sorcerer's Avenue 1aThais425,880 gpEmptyView
Sorcerer's Avenue 1bThais365,040 gpEmptyView
Sorcerer's Avenue 1cThais365,040 gpEmptyView
Sorcerer's Avenue 5Thais9613,440 gpEmptyView
SpiritkeepThais867121,380 gpEmptyView
Snake TowerThais1063148,820 gpEmptyView
Thais ClanhallThais38153,340 gpEmptyView
Upper Swamp Lane 2Thais15621,840 gpOwned by MieczuView
Upper Swamp Lane 4Thais14320,020 gpEmptyView
Lower Swamp Lane 1Thais14720,580 gpEmptyView
Lower Swamp Lane 3Thais14820,720 gpEmptyView
Alai Flats, Flat 01Thais253,500 gpEmptyView
Alai Flats, Flat 02Thais283,920 gpEmptyView
Alai Flats, Flat 04Thais273,780 gpEmptyView
Alai Flats, Flat 03Thais273,780 gpEmptyView
Alai Flats, Flat 08Thais253,500 gpEmptyView
Alai Flats, Flat 07Thais253,500 gpEmptyView
Alai Flats, Flat 06Thais354,900 gpEmptyView
Alai Flats, Flat 05Thais375,180 gpEmptyView
Alai Flats, Flat 11Thais253,500 gpEmptyView
Alai Flats, Flat 12Thais304,200 gpEmptyView
Alai Flats, Flat 14Thais344,760 gpEmptyView
Alai Flats, Flat 15Thais486,720 gpEmptyView
Alai Flats, Flat 16Thais547,560 gpEmptyView
Alai Flats, Flat 17Thais344,760 gpEmptyView
Alai Flats, Flat 18Thais344,760 gpEmptyView
Alai Flats, Flat 13Thais304,200 gpEmptyView
Alai Flats, Flat 21Thais253,500 gpEmptyView
Alai Flats, Flat 22Thais294,060 gpEmptyView
Alai Flats, Flat 24Thais344,760 gpEmptyView
Alai Flats, Flat 25Thais486,720 gpEmptyView
Alai Flats, Flat 26Thais547,560 gpEmptyView
Alai Flats, Flat 27Thais344,760 gpEmptyView
Alai Flats, Flat 28Thais344,760 gpEmptyView
Alai Flats, Flat 23Thais344,760 gpEmptyView
Farm Lane, 1st floor (Shop)Thais425,880 gpEmptyView
Farm Lane, Basement (Shop)Thais425,880 gpEmptyView
Farm Lane, 2nd Floor (Shop)Thais425,880 gpEmptyView
Main Street 9, 1st floor (Shop)Thais547,560 gpEmptyView
Main Street 9a, 2nd floor (Shop)Thais283,920 gpEmptyView
Main Street 9b, 2nd floor (Shop)Thais486,720 gpEmptyView
Upper Swamp Lane 8Thais20128,140 gpEmptyView
Upper Swamp Lane 10Thais709,800 gpEmptyView
Upper Swamp Lane 12Thais12116,940 gpEmptyView
The City Wall 9Thais507,000 gpEmptyView
Southern Thais GuildhallThais63588,900 gpEmptyView
The City Wall 7gThais304,200 gpEmptyView
The City Wall 7eThais365,040 gpEmptyView
The City Wall 7cThais365,040 gpEmptyView
The City Wall 7aThais304,200 gpEmptyView
The City Wall 7dThais365,040 gpEmptyView
The City Wall 7fThais365,040 gpEmptyView
The City Wall 7bThais304,200 gpEmptyView
The City Wall 7hThais304,200 gpEmptyView
The City Wall 5Thais304,200 gpEmptyView
The City Wall 5cThais243,360 gpEmptyView
The City Wall 5aThais243,360 gpEmptyView
The City Wall 5fThais304,200 gpEmptyView
The City Wall 5dThais243,360 gpEmptyView
The City Wall 5bThais243,360 gpEmptyView
The City Wall 3aThais425,880 gpEmptyView
The City Wall 3bThais354,900 gpEmptyView
The City Wall 3cThais354,900 gpEmptyView
The City Wall 3dThais436,020 gpEmptyView
The City Wall 3eThais354,900 gpEmptyView
The City Wall 3fThais354,900 gpEmptyView
The City Wall 1aThais496,860 gpEmptyView
The City Wall 1bThais496,860 gpEmptyView
Mill Avenue 3Thais496,860 gpEmptyView
Mill Avenue 4Thais496,860 gpEmptyView
Mill Avenue 5Thais12517,500 gpEmptyView
Mill Avenue 2 (Shop)Thais8011,200 gpEmptyView
Mill Avenue 1 (Shop)Thais547,560 gpEmptyView
Castle of GreenshoreThais54676,440 gpEmptyView
Greenshore ClanhallThais30442,560 gpEmptyView
Greenshore Village, VillaThais27338,220 gpEmptyView
Greenshore Village 1Thais648,960 gpEmptyView
Greenshore Village, ShopThais567,840 gpEmptyView
Greenshore Village 7Thais425,880 gpEmptyView
The TibianicThais755105,700 gpOwned by Ninja Stjaern KastarnView
Halls of the AdventurersThais51772,380 gpEmptyView
Dark MansionThais58081,200 gpEmptyView
BloodhallThais56679,240 gpEmptyView
Dagger Alley 1Venore12617,640 gpEmptyView
Blessed Shield GuildhallVenore29741,580 gpEmptyView
Steel HomeVenore45763,980 gpEmptyView
Iron Alley 1Venore12016,800 gpEmptyView
Iron Alley 2Venore13018,200 gpEmptyView
Swamp WatchVenore37552,500 gpEmptyView
Golden Axe GuildhallVenore39054,600 gpEmptyView
Silver Street 1Venore12918,060 gpEmptyView
Silver Street 2Venore10414,560 gpEmptyView
Silver Street 3Venore8511,900 gpEmptyView
Silver Street 4Venore15321,420 gpOwned by Dawid KnightView
Market Street 6Venore21630,240 gpOwned by Pulkownik MusztardaView
Loot Lane 1 (Shop)Venore19827,720 gpOwned by OakkaView
Mystic Lane 2Venore13619,040 gpEmptyView
Mystic Lane 1Venore11015,400 gpEmptyView
Market Street 4 (Shop)Venore20829,120 gpEmptyView
Market Street 5 (Shop)Venore24334,020 gpEmptyView
Market Street 3Venore14720,580 gpEmptyView
Market Street 2Venore20528,700 gpEmptyView
Market Street 1Venore25836,120 gpEmptyView
Old LighthouseVenore17724,780 gpEmptyView
Seagull Walk 1Venore22030,800 gpOwned by NieletniView
Seagull Walk 2Venore13218,480 gpEmptyView
Dream Street 4Venore16823,520 gpEmptyView
Elm Street 2Venore11415,960 gpEmptyView
Elm Street 4Venore12016,800 gpEmptyView
Elm Street 1Venore12016,800 gpEmptyView
Elm Street 3Venore12617,640 gpEmptyView
Dream Street 3Venore12116,940 gpEmptyView
Dream Street 2Venore15321,420 gpEmptyView
Dream Street 1 (Shop)Venore19226,880 gpEmptyView
Salvation Street 1 (Shop)Venore24934,860 gpEmptyView
Lucky Lane 1 (Shop)Venore27037,800 gpEmptyView
Salvation Street 2Venore13218,480 gpEmptyView
Salvation Street 3Venore15321,420 gpEmptyView
Valorous VenoreVenore50871,120 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 06Venore202,800 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 05Venore152,100 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 04Venore253,500 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 03Venore202,800 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 07Venore243,360 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 02Venore243,360 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 01Venore243,360 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 11Venore152,100 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 13Venore202,800 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 15Venore202,800 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 17Venore202,800 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 18Venore202,800 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 12Venore253,500 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 14Venore253,500 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 16Venore304,200 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 28Venore152,100 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 26Venore202,800 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 24Venore202,800 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 22Venore202,800 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 21Venore202,800 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 27Venore253,500 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 25Venore253,500 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 23Venore283,920 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 34Venore659,100 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 33Venore304,200 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 32Venore507,000 gpEmptyView
Paupers Palace, Flat 31Venore405,600 gpEmptyView
Park Lane 1aCarlin527,280 gpEmptyView
Park Lane 3aCarlin486,720 gpEmptyView
Park Lane 1bCarlin547,560 gpEmptyView
Park Lane 3bCarlin486,720 gpEmptyView
Park Lane 2Carlin425,880 gpEmptyView
Park Lane 4Carlin425,880 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 14 (Shop)Carlin8311,620 gpEmptyView
Magician's Alley 1Carlin354,900 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 12Carlin283,920 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 10Carlin456,300 gpEmptyView
Magician's Alley 1bCarlin243,360 gpEmptyView
Magician's Alley 1cCarlin202,800 gpEmptyView
Magician's Alley 1aCarlin283,920 gpEmptyView
Magician's Alley 1dCarlin243,360 gpEmptyView
Carlin ClanhallCarlin37852,920 gpEmptyView
Magician's Alley 4Carlin9613,440 gpEmptyView
Magician's Alley 8Carlin375,180 gpEmptyView
Lonely Sea Side HostelCarlin35049,000 gpEmptyView
SuntowerCarlin45163,140 gpEmptyView
Harbour Lane 3Carlin14019,600 gpEmptyView
Harbour Flats, Flat 11Carlin354,900 gpEmptyView
Harbour Flats, Flat 13Carlin202,800 gpEmptyView
Harbour Flats, Flat 15Carlin152,100 gpEmptyView
Harbour Flats, Flat 17Carlin202,800 gpEmptyView
Harbour Flats, Flat 12Carlin202,800 gpEmptyView
Harbour Flats, Flat 14Carlin202,800 gpEmptyView
Harbour Flats, Flat 16Carlin202,800 gpEmptyView
Harbour Flats, Flat 18Carlin253,500 gpEmptyView
Harbour Flats, Flat 21Carlin354,900 gpEmptyView
Harbour Flats, Flat 22Carlin456,300 gpEmptyView
Harbour Flats, Flat 23Carlin253,500 gpEmptyView
Harbour Lane 2a (Shop)Carlin324,480 gpEmptyView
Harbour Lane 2b (Shop)Carlin405,600 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 6eCarlin314,340 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 6cCarlin101,400 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 6aCarlin354,900 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 6fCarlin324,480 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 6dCarlin111,540 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 6bCarlin354,900 gpEmptyView
East Lane 1aCarlin9513,300 gpEmptyView
East Lane 1bCarlin8311,620 gpEmptyView
East Lane 2Carlin17624,640 gpEmptyView
MoonkeepCarlin51872,520 gpEmptyView
Northern Street 7Carlin8311,620 gpEmptyView
Northern Street 5Carlin9413,160 gpEmptyView
Northern Street 3bCarlin365,040 gpEmptyView
Northern Street 3aCarlin344,760 gpEmptyView
Northern Street 1cCarlin354,900 gpEmptyView
Northern Street 1bCarlin375,180 gpEmptyView
Northern Street 1aCarlin425,880 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 5dCarlin253,500 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 5cCarlin202,800 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 5bCarlin202,800 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 5aCarlin253,500 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 06Carlin202,800 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 05Carlin202,800 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 04Carlin202,800 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 03Carlin202,800 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 02Carlin162,240 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 01Carlin131,820 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 16Carlin202,800 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 15Carlin202,800 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 14Carlin202,800 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 13Carlin202,800 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 12Carlin202,800 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 11Carlin283,920 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 8bCarlin537,420 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 8aCarlin496,860 gpEmptyView
Harbour Lane 1 (Shop)Carlin547,560 gpEmptyView
Magician's Alley 5aCarlin152,100 gpEmptyView
Magician's Alley 5bCarlin253,500 gpEmptyView
Magician's Alley 5eCarlin253,500 gpEmptyView
Magician's Alley 5dCarlin202,800 gpEmptyView
Magician's Alley 5cCarlin354,900 gpEmptyView
Magician's Alley 5fCarlin425,880 gpEmptyView
Nordic StrongholdCarlin751105,140 gpEmptyView
Northport ClanhallCarlin30642,840 gpEmptyView
Northport Village 1Carlin486,720 gpEmptyView
Northport Village 2Carlin405,600 gpEmptyView
Northport Village 3Carlin15321,420 gpEmptyView
Northport Village 4Carlin9212,880 gpEmptyView
Northport Village 5Carlin567,840 gpEmptyView
Northport Village 6Carlin638,820 gpEmptyView
Druids Retreat ACarlin608,400 gpEmptyView
Druids Retreat DCarlin537,420 gpEmptyView
Druids Retreat BCarlin547,560 gpEmptyView
Druids Retreat CCarlin456,300 gpEmptyView
House of RecreationCarlin71199,540 gpEmptyView
Underwood 1Ab'Dendriel547,560 gpEmptyView
Underwood 2Ab'Dendriel537,420 gpEmptyView
Underwood 5Ab'Dendriel476,580 gpEmptyView
Underwood 3Ab'Dendriel567,840 gpEmptyView
Underwood 10Ab'Dendriel283,920 gpEmptyView
Underwood 4Ab'Dendriel709,800 gpEmptyView
Underwood 6Ab'Dendriel547,560 gpEmptyView
Great Willow 1aAb'Dendriel162,240 gpEmptyView
Great Willow 1bAb'Dendriel283,920 gpEmptyView
Great Willow 1cAb'Dendriel182,520 gpEmptyView
Underwood 8Ab'Dendriel334,620 gpEmptyView
Underwood 7Ab'Dendriel456,300 gpEmptyView
Underwood 9Ab'Dendriel243,360 gpEmptyView
Ab'Dendriel ClanhallAb'Dendriel50670,840 gpEmptyView
Mangrove 4Ab'Dendriel263,640 gpEmptyView
Mangrove 3Ab'Dendriel405,600 gpEmptyView
Mangrove 2Ab'Dendriel466,440 gpEmptyView
Castle of the WindsAb'Dendriel828115,920 gpEmptyView
Mangrove 1Ab'Dendriel547,560 gpEmptyView
Shadow TowersAb'Dendriel731102,340 gpEmptyView
Treetop 1Ab'Dendriel243,360 gpEmptyView
Treetop 2Ab'Dendriel294,060 gpEmptyView
Treetop 3 (Shop)Ab'Dendriel598,260 gpEmptyView
Treetop 4 (Shop)Ab'Dendriel486,720 gpEmptyView
Treetop 5 (Shop)Ab'Dendriel547,560 gpEmptyView
Treetop 6Ab'Dendriel243,360 gpEmptyView
Treetop 7Ab'Dendriel263,640 gpEmptyView
Treetop 10Ab'Dendriel425,880 gpEmptyView
Treetop 9Ab'Dendriel354,900 gpEmptyView
Treetop 8Ab'Dendriel344,760 gpEmptyView
Great Willow 2aAb'Dendriel304,200 gpEmptyView
Great Willow 2bAb'Dendriel243,360 gpEmptyView
Great Willow 2cAb'Dendriel243,360 gpEmptyView
Great Willow 2dAb'Dendriel182,520 gpEmptyView
Great Willow 3aAb'Dendriel304,200 gpEmptyView
Great Willow 3bAb'Dendriel243,360 gpEmptyView
Great Willow 3cAb'Dendriel243,360 gpEmptyView
Great Willow 3dAb'Dendriel182,520 gpEmptyView
Great Willow 4aAb'Dendriel365,040 gpEmptyView
Great Willow 4dAb'Dendriel283,920 gpEmptyView
Great Willow 4cAb'Dendriel314,340 gpEmptyView
Great Willow 4bAb'Dendriel365,040 gpEmptyView
Treetop 11Ab'Dendriel304,200 gpEmptyView
Treetop 12 (Shop)Ab'Dendriel557,700 gpEmptyView
Coastwood 10Ab'Dendriel496,860 gpEmptyView
Coastwood 1Ab'Dendriel283,920 gpEmptyView
Coastwood 2Ab'Dendriel354,900 gpEmptyView
Coastwood 3Ab'Dendriel365,040 gpEmptyView
Coastwood 4Ab'Dendriel405,600 gpEmptyView
Coastwood 5Ab'Dendriel476,580 gpEmptyView
Coastwood 6 (Shop)Ab'Dendriel527,280 gpEmptyView
Coastwood 7Ab'Dendriel273,780 gpEmptyView
Coastwood 8Ab'Dendriel415,740 gpEmptyView
Coastwood 9Ab'Dendriel334,620 gpEmptyView
Treetop 13Ab'Dendriel496,860 gpEmptyView
Shadow Caves 1Ab'Dendriel162,240 gpEmptyView
Shadow Caves 3Ab'Dendriel162,240 gpEmptyView
Shadow Caves 2Ab'Dendriel162,240 gpEmptyView
Shadow Caves 4Ab'Dendriel253,500 gpEmptyView
Shadow Caves 11Ab'Dendriel162,240 gpEmptyView
Shadow Caves 13Ab'Dendriel162,240 gpEmptyView
Shadow Caves 15Ab'Dendriel162,240 gpEmptyView
Shadow Caves 17Ab'Dendriel162,240 gpEmptyView
Shadow Caves 12Ab'Dendriel202,800 gpEmptyView
Shadow Caves 14Ab'Dendriel202,800 gpEmptyView
Shadow Caves 16Ab'Dendriel202,800 gpEmptyView
Shadow Caves 18Ab'Dendriel202,800 gpEmptyView
Shadow Caves 21Ab'Dendriel162,240 gpEmptyView
Shadow Caves 23Ab'Dendriel162,240 gpEmptyView
Shadow Caves 25Ab'Dendriel162,240 gpEmptyView
Shadow Caves 27Ab'Dendriel223,080 gpEmptyView
Shadow Caves 22Ab'Dendriel202,800 gpEmptyView
Shadow Caves 24Ab'Dendriel202,800 gpEmptyView
Shadow Caves 26Ab'Dendriel202,800 gpEmptyView
Shadow Caves 28Ab'Dendriel253,500 gpEmptyView
The Market 1 (Shop)Kazordoon253,500 gpEmptyView
The Market 2 (Shop)Kazordoon456,300 gpEmptyView
The Market 3 (Shop)Kazordoon547,560 gpEmptyView
The Market 4 (Shop)Kazordoon638,820 gpEmptyView
Marble GuildhallKazordoon59383,020 gpEmptyView
Lower Barracks 1Kazordoon253,500 gpEmptyView
Lower Barracks 3Kazordoon253,500 gpEmptyView
Lower Barracks 5Kazordoon253,500 gpEmptyView
Lower Barracks 7Kazordoon253,500 gpEmptyView
Lower Barracks 9Kazordoon253,500 gpEmptyView
Lower Barracks 11Kazordoon253,500 gpEmptyView
Lower Barracks 2Kazordoon253,500 gpEmptyView
Lower Barracks 4Kazordoon253,500 gpEmptyView
Lower Barracks 6Kazordoon253,500 gpEmptyView
Lower Barracks 8Kazordoon253,500 gpEmptyView
Lower Barracks 10Kazordoon253,500 gpEmptyView
Lower Barracks 12Kazordoon253,500 gpEmptyView
Lower Barracks 24Kazordoon253,500 gpEmptyView
Lower Barracks 22Kazordoon253,500 gpEmptyView
Lower Barracks 20Kazordoon253,500 gpEmptyView
Lower Barracks 18Kazordoon253,500 gpEmptyView
Lower Barracks 16Kazordoon253,500 gpEmptyView
Lower Barracks 14Kazordoon253,500 gpEmptyView
Lower Barracks 13Kazordoon253,500 gpEmptyView
Lower Barracks 15Kazordoon253,500 gpEmptyView
Lower Barracks 17Kazordoon253,500 gpEmptyView
Lower Barracks 19Kazordoon253,500 gpEmptyView
Lower Barracks 21Kazordoon253,500 gpEmptyView
Lower Barracks 23Kazordoon253,500 gpEmptyView
Iron GuildhallKazordoon52273,080 gpEmptyView
Tunnel Gardens 12Kazordoon354,900 gpEmptyView
Tunnel Gardens 11Kazordoon354,900 gpEmptyView
Tunnel Gardens 8Kazordoon425,880 gpEmptyView
Tunnel Gardens 7Kazordoon354,900 gpEmptyView
Tunnel Gardens 6Kazordoon425,880 gpEmptyView
Tunnel Gardens 5Kazordoon354,900 gpEmptyView
Tunnel Gardens 1Kazordoon486,720 gpEmptyView
Tunnel Gardens 3Kazordoon648,960 gpEmptyView
Tunnel Gardens 4Kazordoon588,120 gpEmptyView
Tunnel Gardens 2Kazordoon547,560 gpEmptyView
Tunnel Gardens 10Kazordoon334,620 gpEmptyView
Tunnel Gardens 9Kazordoon344,760 gpEmptyView
Upper Barracks 4Kazordoon152,100 gpEmptyView
Upper Barracks 3Kazordoon152,100 gpEmptyView
Upper Barracks 2Kazordoon152,100 gpEmptyView
Upper Barracks 1Kazordoon202,800 gpEmptyView
Upper Barracks 5Kazordoon121,680 gpEmptyView
Upper Barracks 6Kazordoon121,680 gpEmptyView
Upper Barracks 7Kazordoon162,240 gpEmptyView
Upper Barracks 11Kazordoon152,100 gpEmptyView
Upper Barracks 10Kazordoon152,100 gpEmptyView
Upper Barracks 9Kazordoon152,100 gpEmptyView
Upper Barracks 8Kazordoon202,800 gpEmptyView
Upper Barracks 12Kazordoon202,800 gpEmptyView
Upper Barracks 13Kazordoon344,760 gpEmptyView
Nobility Quarter 1Kazordoon618,540 gpEmptyView
Nobility Quarter 2Kazordoon648,960 gpEmptyView
Nobility Quarter 3Kazordoon567,840 gpEmptyView
Nobility Quarter 8Kazordoon304,200 gpEmptyView
Nobility Quarter 9Kazordoon365,040 gpEmptyView
Nobility Quarter 7Kazordoon304,200 gpEmptyView
Nobility Quarter 6Kazordoon365,040 gpEmptyView
Nobility Quarter 4Kazordoon304,200 gpEmptyView
Nobility Quarter 5Kazordoon365,040 gpEmptyView
Castle Street 5Edron618,540 gpEmptyView
Castle Street 4Edron648,960 gpEmptyView
Castle Street 3Edron648,960 gpEmptyView
Castle Street 2Edron567,840 gpEmptyView
Castle Street 1Edron11215,680 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Flat 08Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Flat 05Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Flat 04Edron253,500 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Flat 01Edron253,500 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Flat 07Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Flat 06Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Flat 03Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Flat 02Edron405,600 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Basement Flat 2Edron547,560 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Basement Flat 1Edron638,820 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Flat 18Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Flat 15Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Flat 14Edron253,500 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Flat 11Edron253,500 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Flat 17Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Flat 16Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Flat 13Edron253,500 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Flat 12Edron253,500 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Flat 28Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Flat 25Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Flat 24Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Flat 21Edron405,600 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Flat 27Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Flat 26Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Flat 23Edron253,500 gpEmptyView
Edron Flats, Flat 22Edron253,500 gpEmptyView
Central Circle 1Edron12016,800 gpEmptyView
Central Circle 2Edron12016,800 gpOwned by NieletniaView
Central Circle 3Edron14720,580 gpEmptyView
Central Circle 4Edron14720,580 gpEmptyView
Central Circle 5Edron16322,820 gpEmptyView
Central Circle 6 (Shop)Edron16823,520 gpOwned by Kupa Na BucieView
Central Circle 7 (Shop)Edron16823,520 gpEmptyView
Central Circle 8 (Shop)Edron19226,880 gpEmptyView
Wood Avenue 10aEdron648,960 gpEmptyView
Wood Avenue 9aEdron567,840 gpEmptyView
Wood Avenue 6aEdron567,840 gpEmptyView
Wood Avenue 6bEdron567,840 gpEmptyView
Wood Avenue 9bEdron567,840 gpEmptyView
Wood Avenue 10bEdron648,960 gpEmptyView
Wood Avenue 7Edron21530,100 gpEmptyView
Wood Avenue 8Edron18425,760 gpEmptyView
Wood Avenue 11Edron25635,840 gpEmptyView
Sky Lane, Guild 1Edron67794,780 gpEmptyView
Sky Lane, Guild 2Edron67694,640 gpEmptyView
Sky Lane, Sea TowerEdron19627,440 gpEmptyView
Sky Lane, Guild 3Edron56378,820 gpEmptyView
Central Circle 9aEdron425,880 gpEmptyView
Central Circle 9bEdron425,880 gpEmptyView
Wood Avenue 5Edron648,960 gpEmptyView
Wood Avenue 4Edron648,960 gpEmptyView
Wood Avenue 3Edron567,840 gpEmptyView
Wood Avenue 2Edron557,700 gpEmptyView
Wood Avenue 1Edron608,400 gpEmptyView
Wood Avenue 4bEdron567,840 gpEmptyView
Wood Avenue 4aEdron567,840 gpEmptyView
Wood Avenue 4cEdron577,980 gpEmptyView
Castle Shop 1Edron709,800 gpEmptyView
Castle Shop 2Edron709,800 gpEmptyView
Castle Shop 3Edron7911,060 gpEmptyView
Castle, Basement, Flat 01Edron304,200 gpEmptyView
Castle, Basement, Flat 05Edron243,360 gpEmptyView
Castle, Basement, Flat 06Edron243,360 gpEmptyView
Castle, Basement, Flat 09Edron304,200 gpEmptyView
Castle, Basement, Flat 02Edron243,360 gpEmptyView
Castle, Basement, Flat 03Edron243,360 gpEmptyView
Castle, Basement, Flat 04Edron243,360 gpEmptyView
Castle, Basement, Flat 07Edron243,360 gpEmptyView
Castle, Basement, Flat 08Edron304,200 gpEmptyView
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 07Edron304,200 gpEmptyView
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 04Edron253,500 gpEmptyView
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 03Edron304,200 gpEmptyView
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 06Edron365,040 gpEmptyView
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 05Edron304,200 gpEmptyView
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 02Edron304,200 gpEmptyView
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 01Edron253,500 gpEmptyView
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 09Edron283,920 gpEmptyView
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 08Edron425,880 gpEmptyView
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 07Edron304,200 gpEmptyView
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 06Edron365,040 gpEmptyView
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 04Edron253,500 gpEmptyView
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 05Edron304,200 gpEmptyView
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 03Edron304,200 gpEmptyView
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 02Edron304,200 gpEmptyView
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 01Edron243,360 gpEmptyView
Stonehome Village 1Edron7710,780 gpEmptyView
Stonehome Flats, Flat 05Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Stonehome Flats, Flat 04Edron253,500 gpEmptyView
Stonehome Flats, Flat 01Edron253,500 gpEmptyView
Stonehome Flats, Flat 06Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Stonehome Flats, Flat 03Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Stonehome Flats, Flat 02Edron354,900 gpEmptyView
Stonehome Flats, Flat 15Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Stonehome Flats, Flat 14Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Stonehome Flats, Flat 11Edron354,900 gpEmptyView
Stonehome Flats, Flat 16Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Stonehome Flats, Flat 13Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Stonehome Flats, Flat 12Edron354,900 gpEmptyView
Stonehome Village 7Edron496,860 gpEmptyView
Stonehome Village 8Edron365,040 gpEmptyView
Stonehome Village 9Edron365,040 gpEmptyView
Stonehome ClanhallEdron36450,960 gpEmptyView
Stonehome Village 6Edron557,700 gpEmptyView
Stonehome Village 5Edron456,300 gpEmptyView
Stonehome Village 2Edron354,900 gpEmptyView
Stonehome Village 3Edron365,040 gpEmptyView
Stonehome Village 4Edron425,880 gpEmptyView
Cormaya 2Edron14420,160 gpEmptyView
Cormaya 1Edron446,160 gpEmptyView
Cormaya Flats, Flat 01Edron162,240 gpEmptyView
Cormaya Flats, Flat 02Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Cormaya Flats, Flat 03Edron344,760 gpEmptyView
Cormaya Flats, Flat 06Edron162,240 gpEmptyView
Cormaya Flats, Flat 05Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Cormaya Flats, Flat 04Edron354,900 gpEmptyView
Cormaya Flats, Flat 11Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Cormaya Flats, Flat 12Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Cormaya Flats, Flat 13Edron344,760 gpEmptyView
Cormaya Flats, Flat 16Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Cormaya Flats, Flat 15Edron202,800 gpEmptyView
Cormaya Flats, Flat 14Edron334,620 gpEmptyView
Cormaya 3Edron7210,080 gpEmptyView
Cormaya 4Edron638,820 gpEmptyView
Cormaya 6Edron8411,760 gpEmptyView
Cormaya 7Edron8411,760 gpEmptyView
Cormaya 8Edron10614,840 gpEmptyView
Darashia 1, Flat 01Darashia486,720 gpEmptyView
Darashia 1, Flat 02Darashia425,880 gpEmptyView
Darashia 1, Flat 03Darashia9613,440 gpEmptyView
Darashia 1, Flat 04Darashia425,880 gpEmptyView
Darashia 1, Flat 05Darashia486,720 gpEmptyView
Darashia 1, Flat 11Darashia365,040 gpEmptyView
Darashia 1, Flat 12Darashia7210,080 gpOwned by Y'ashView
Darashia 1, Flat 13Darashia7210,080 gpEmptyView
Darashia 1, Flat 14Darashia10815,120 gpEmptyView
Darashia 2, Flat 03Darashia425,880 gpEmptyView
Darashia 2, Flat 04Darashia243,360 gpEmptyView
Darashia 2, Flat 05Darashia486,720 gpEmptyView
Darashia 2, Flat 06Darashia243,360 gpEmptyView
Darashia 2, Flat 07Darashia486,720 gpEmptyView
Darashia 2, Flat 01Darashia486,720 gpEmptyView
Darashia 2, Flat 02Darashia425,880 gpEmptyView
Darashia 2, Flat 14Darashia243,360 gpEmptyView
Darashia 2, Flat 13Darashia425,880 gpEmptyView
Darashia 2, Flat 15Darashia476,580 gpEmptyView
Darashia 2, Flat 16Darashia304,200 gpEmptyView
Darashia 2, Flat 17Darashia486,720 gpEmptyView
Darashia 2, Flat 18Darashia304,200 gpEmptyView
Darashia 2, Flat 11Darashia425,880 gpEmptyView
Darashia 2, Flat 12Darashia243,360 gpEmptyView
Darashia, Western GuildhallDarashia36751,380 gpEmptyView
Darashia, Eastern GuildhallDarashia45663,840 gpEmptyView
Darashia, VillaDarashia22331,220 gpEmptyView
Darashia 6aDarashia11716,380 gpEmptyView
Darashia 6bDarashia13919,460 gpEmptyView
Darashia 5, Flat 05Darashia486,720 gpEmptyView
Darashia 5, Flat 04Darashia669,240 gpEmptyView
Darashia 5, Flat 03Darashia425,880 gpEmptyView
Darashia 5, Flat 02Darashia608,400 gpEmptyView
Darashia 5, Flat 01Darashia486,720 gpEmptyView
Darashia 5, Flat 11Darashia679,380 gpEmptyView
Darashia 5, Flat 12Darashia659,100 gpEmptyView
Darashia 5, Flat 13Darashia7810,920 gpEmptyView
Darashia 5, Flat 14Darashia669,240 gpEmptyView
Darashia 7, Flat 01Darashia425,880 gpEmptyView
Darashia 7, Flat 02Darashia425,880 gpEmptyView
Darashia 7, Flat 03Darashia10815,120 gpEmptyView
Darashia 7, Flat 04Darashia425,880 gpEmptyView
Darashia 7, Flat 05Darashia405,600 gpEmptyView
Darashia 7, Flat 11Darashia415,740 gpEmptyView
Darashia 7, Flat 12Darashia9513,300 gpEmptyView
Darashia 7, Flat 13Darashia7810,920 gpEmptyView
Darashia 7, Flat 14Darashia7210,080 gpEmptyView
Darashia 4, Flat 01Darashia486,720 gpEmptyView
Darashia 4, Flat 02Darashia669,240 gpEmptyView
Darashia 4, Flat 03Darashia425,880 gpEmptyView
Darashia 4, Flat 04Darashia7210,080 gpEmptyView
Darashia 4, Flat 05Darashia486,720 gpEmptyView
Darashia 4, Flat 11Darashia425,880 gpEmptyView
Darashia 4, Flat 12Darashia9613,440 gpEmptyView
Darashia 4, Flat 13Darashia7810,920 gpEmptyView
Darashia 4, Flat 14Darashia7210,080 gpEmptyView
Darashia 3, Flat 01Darashia436,020 gpEmptyView
Darashia 3, Flat 02Darashia659,100 gpEmptyView
Darashia 3, Flat 03Darashia425,880 gpEmptyView
Darashia 3, Flat 04Darashia7210,080 gpEmptyView
Darashia 3, Flat 05Darashia405,600 gpEmptyView
Darashia 3, Flat 11Darashia425,880 gpEmptyView
Darashia 3, Flat 12Darashia9012,600 gpEmptyView
Darashia 3, Flat 13Darashia425,880 gpEmptyView
Darashia 3, Flat 14Darashia10214,280 gpEmptyView
Darashia 8, Flat 01Darashia8311,620 gpEmptyView
Darashia 8, Flat 02Darashia11315,820 gpEmptyView
Darashia 8, Flat 03Darashia18626,040 gpEmptyView
Darashia 8, Flat 04Darashia9613,440 gpEmptyView
Darashia 8, Flat 05Darashia9112,740 gpEmptyView
Darashia 8, Flat 11Darashia679,380 gpEmptyView
Darashia 8, Flat 12Darashia648,960 gpEmptyView
Darashia 8, Flat 13Darashia7710,780 gpEmptyView
Darashia 8, Flat 14Darashia669,240 gpEmptyView
Oskahl I fAnkrahmun425,880 gpEmptyView
Oskahl I gAnkrahmun354,900 gpEmptyView
Oskahl I hAnkrahmun7410,360 gpEmptyView
Oskahl I iAnkrahmun365,040 gpEmptyView
Oskahl I jAnkrahmun365,040 gpEmptyView
Oskahl I dAnkrahmun365,040 gpEmptyView
Oskahl I bAnkrahmun304,200 gpEmptyView
Oskahl I cAnkrahmun304,200 gpEmptyView
Oskahl I eAnkrahmun425,880 gpEmptyView
Oskahl I aAnkrahmun648,960 gpEmptyView
Chameken IAnkrahmun365,040 gpEmptyView
Charsirakh IIIAnkrahmun365,040 gpEmptyView
Murkhol I dAnkrahmun212,940 gpEmptyView
Murkhol I cAnkrahmun273,780 gpEmptyView
Murkhol I bAnkrahmun243,360 gpEmptyView
Murkhol I aAnkrahmun212,940 gpEmptyView
Chameken IIAnkrahmun365,040 gpEmptyView
Thanah II gAnkrahmun517,140 gpEmptyView
Thanah II hAnkrahmun557,700 gpEmptyView
Thanah II fAnkrahmun8612,040 gpEmptyView
Thanah II dAnkrahmun162,240 gpEmptyView
Thanah II eAnkrahmun202,800 gpEmptyView
Thanah II cAnkrahmun202,800 gpEmptyView
Thanah II bAnkrahmun202,800 gpEmptyView
Thanah II aAnkrahmun365,040 gpEmptyView
Charsirakh IIAnkrahmun496,860 gpEmptyView
Charsirakh I bAnkrahmun648,960 gpEmptyView
Charsirakh I aAnkrahmun202,800 gpEmptyView
Harrah IAnkrahmun23232,480 gpEmptyView
Othehothep I dAnkrahmun8411,760 gpEmptyView
Othehothep I cAnkrahmun608,400 gpEmptyView
Othehothep I bAnkrahmun648,960 gpEmptyView
Othehothep I aAnkrahmun202,800 gpEmptyView
Othehothep II cAnkrahmun304,200 gpEmptyView
Othehothep II eAnkrahmun486,720 gpEmptyView
Othehothep II fAnkrahmun567,840 gpEmptyView
Othehothep II dAnkrahmun354,900 gpEmptyView
Othehothep II bAnkrahmun8111,340 gpEmptyView
Othehothep II aAnkrahmun253,500 gpEmptyView
Mothrem IAnkrahmun496,860 gpEmptyView
Thanah I cAnkrahmun9813,720 gpEmptyView
Thanah I dAnkrahmun9813,720 gpEmptyView
Thanah I bAnkrahmun10014,000 gpEmptyView
Thanah I aAnkrahmun365,040 gpEmptyView
Arakmehn IAnkrahmun527,280 gpEmptyView
Arakmehn IIAnkrahmun496,860 gpEmptyView
Arakmehn IIIAnkrahmun496,860 gpEmptyView
Othehothep III cAnkrahmun304,200 gpEmptyView
Othehothep III eAnkrahmun365,040 gpEmptyView
Othehothep III dAnkrahmun415,740 gpEmptyView
Othehothep III fAnkrahmun365,040 gpEmptyView
Othehothep III bAnkrahmun648,960 gpEmptyView
Othehothep III aAnkrahmun202,800 gpEmptyView
Thrarhor I a (Shop)Ankrahmun324,480 gpEmptyView
Thrarhor I c (Shop)Ankrahmun324,480 gpEmptyView
Thrarhor I d (Shop)Ankrahmun324,480 gpEmptyView
Thrarhor I b (Shop)Ankrahmun324,480 gpEmptyView
Unklath I dAnkrahmun496,860 gpEmptyView
Unklath I eAnkrahmun567,840 gpEmptyView
Unklath I fAnkrahmun567,840 gpEmptyView
Unklath I gAnkrahmun648,960 gpEmptyView
Unklath I bAnkrahmun557,700 gpEmptyView
Unklath I cAnkrahmun669,240 gpEmptyView
Unklath I aAnkrahmun496,860 gpEmptyView
Arakmehn IVAnkrahmun527,280 gpEmptyView
Unklath II bAnkrahmun253,500 gpEmptyView
Unklath II cAnkrahmun304,200 gpEmptyView
Unklath II dAnkrahmun669,240 gpEmptyView
Unklath II aAnkrahmun496,860 gpEmptyView
Rathal I bAnkrahmun253,500 gpEmptyView
Rathal I dAnkrahmun304,200 gpEmptyView
Rathal I eAnkrahmun365,040 gpEmptyView
Rathal I cAnkrahmun304,200 gpEmptyView
Rathal I aAnkrahmun496,860 gpEmptyView
Rathal II bAnkrahmun253,500 gpEmptyView
Rathal II cAnkrahmun304,200 gpEmptyView
Rathal II dAnkrahmun669,240 gpEmptyView
Rathal II aAnkrahmun496,860 gpEmptyView
Esuph IAnkrahmun365,040 gpEmptyView
Esuph II bAnkrahmun648,960 gpEmptyView
Esuph II aAnkrahmun202,800 gpEmptyView
Esuph III bAnkrahmun648,960 gpEmptyView
Esuph III aAnkrahmun202,800 gpEmptyView
Esuph IV bAnkrahmun162,240 gpEmptyView
Esuph IV dAnkrahmun456,300 gpEmptyView
Esuph IV cAnkrahmun202,800 gpEmptyView
Esuph IV aAnkrahmun253,500 gpEmptyView
HorakhalAnkrahmun33246,480 gpEmptyView
Botham II dAnkrahmun496,860 gpEmptyView
Botham II eAnkrahmun496,860 gpEmptyView
Botham II fAnkrahmun496,860 gpEmptyView
Botham II gAnkrahmun496,860 gpEmptyView
Botham II bAnkrahmun507,000 gpEmptyView
Botham II cAnkrahmun507,000 gpEmptyView
Botham II aAnkrahmun365,040 gpEmptyView
Uthemath IIAnkrahmun17023,800 gpEmptyView
Botham III fAnkrahmun567,840 gpEmptyView
Botham III gAnkrahmun496,860 gpEmptyView
Botham III hAnkrahmun12016,800 gpEmptyView
Botham III bAnkrahmun253,500 gpEmptyView
Botham III cAnkrahmun304,200 gpEmptyView
Botham III dAnkrahmun304,200 gpEmptyView
Botham III eAnkrahmun365,040 gpEmptyView
Botham III aAnkrahmun496,860 gpEmptyView
Uthemath I dAnkrahmun304,200 gpEmptyView
Uthemath I eAnkrahmun354,900 gpEmptyView
Uthemath I fAnkrahmun10414,560 gpOwned by MasterekView
Uthemath I bAnkrahmun365,040 gpEmptyView
Uthemath I aAnkrahmun253,500 gpEmptyView
Botham I cAnkrahmun496,860 gpEmptyView
Botham I eAnkrahmun496,860 gpEmptyView
Botham I dAnkrahmun9813,720 gpEmptyView
Botham I bAnkrahmun10014,000 gpEmptyView
Botham I aAnkrahmun395,460 gpEmptyView
Ramen TahAnkrahmun22531,500 gpEmptyView
Botham IV fAnkrahmun496,860 gpEmptyView
Botham IV hAnkrahmun567,840 gpEmptyView
Botham IV gAnkrahmun567,840 gpEmptyView
Botham IV iAnkrahmun648,960 gpEmptyView
Botham IV bAnkrahmun253,500 gpEmptyView
Botham IV dAnkrahmun304,200 gpEmptyView
Botham IV eAnkrahmun365,040 gpEmptyView
Botham IV cAnkrahmun304,200 gpEmptyView
Botham IV aAnkrahmun496,860 gpEmptyView
Cormaya 5Edron16523,100 gpEmptyView
Cormaya 10.Edron13819,320 gpEmptyView
Cormaya 11Edron7210,080 gpEmptyView
Castle of the White DragonEdron896125,440 gpEmptyView
Fibula ClanhallThais30542,700 gpEmptyView
Fibula Village, VillaThais41057,400 gpEmptyView
Fibula Village, BarThais12717,780 gpEmptyView
Fibula Village 5Thais425,880 gpEmptyView
Fibula Village 4Thais486,720 gpEmptyView
Fibula Village 3Thais11015,400 gpEmptyView
Mercenary TowerThais998139,720 gpEmptyView
Fibula Village 2Thais304,200 gpEmptyView
Fibula Village 1Thais304,200 gpEmptyView
The HideoutAb'Dendriel63488,760 gpEmptyView
Uthemath I cAnkrahmun456,300 gpEmptyView
Central Plaza 1Carlin243,360 gpEmptyView
Central Plaza 2Carlin243,360 gpEmptyView
Central Plaza 3Carlin243,360 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 11aCarlin547,560 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 11bCarlin243,360 gpEmptyView
Cormaya 9aEdron486,720 gpEmptyView
Cormaya 9bEdron8812,320 gpEmptyView
Cormaya 9cEdron486,720 gpEmptyView
Cormaya 9dEdron8812,320 gpEmptyView
Magic Academy, Flat 1Edron557,700 gpEmptyView
Magic Academy, Flat 2Edron557,700 gpEmptyView
Magic Academy, Flat 3Edron557,700 gpEmptyView
Magic Academy, Flat 4Edron557,700 gpEmptyView
Magic Academy, Flat 5Edron557,700 gpEmptyView
Magic Academy, ShopEdron486,720 gpEmptyView
Magic Academy, GuildEdron41658,240 gpEmptyView
Fibula Village, Tower FlatThais15421,560 gpEmptyView
Greenshore Village 2Thais304,200 gpEmptyView
Greenshore Village 3Thais253,500 gpEmptyView
Greenshore Village 4Thais253,500 gpEmptyView
Greenshore Village 5Thais304,200 gpEmptyView
Greenshore Village 6Thais12617,640 gpEmptyView
Harbour Street 4Thais365,040 gpEmptyView
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2aThais243,360 gpEmptyView
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2bThais243,360 gpEmptyView
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2cThais253,500 gpEmptyView
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2dThais243,360 gpEmptyView
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2eThais243,360 gpEmptyView
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2fThais243,360 gpEmptyView
Thais HostelThais17123,940 gpEmptyView
Guildhall of the Red RoseThais59783,580 gpEmptyView
Market Street 7Venore11415,960 gpEmptyView
Senja Village 10Carlin7210,080 gpEmptyView
Senja Village 11Carlin9313,020 gpEmptyView
Senja Village 1aCarlin365,040 gpEmptyView
Senja Village 1bCarlin669,240 gpEmptyView
Senja Village 2Carlin365,040 gpEmptyView
Senja Village 3Carlin638,820 gpEmptyView
Senja Village 4Carlin304,200 gpEmptyView
Senja Village 5Carlin486,720 gpEmptyView
Senja Village 6aCarlin304,200 gpEmptyView
Senja Village 6bCarlin294,060 gpEmptyView
Senja Village 7Carlin365,040 gpEmptyView
Senja Village 8Carlin598,260 gpEmptyView
Senja Village 9Carlin10614,840 gpEmptyView
Senja ClanhallCarlin39655,440 gpEmptyView
Granite GuildhallKazordoon61786,380 gpEmptyView
WolftowerKazordoon71099,400 gpEmptyView
RiverspringKazordoon63288,480 gpEmptyView
Outlaw CastleKazordoon40456,560 gpEmptyView
Hill HideoutKazordoon39955,860 gpEmptyView
Outlaw Camp 1Kazordoon8111,340 gpEmptyView
Outlaw Camp 2Kazordoon202,800 gpEmptyView
Outlaw Camp 3Kazordoon354,900 gpEmptyView
Outlaw Camp 4Kazordoon121,680 gpEmptyView
Outlaw Camp 5Kazordoon121,680 gpEmptyView
Outlaw Camp 6Kazordoon162,240 gpEmptyView
Outlaw Camp 7Kazordoon385,320 gpEmptyView
Outlaw Camp 8Kazordoon202,800 gpEmptyView
Outlaw Camp 9Kazordoon121,680 gpEmptyView
Outlaw Camp 10Kazordoon121,680 gpEmptyView
Outlaw Camp 11Kazordoon162,240 gpEmptyView
Outlaw Camp 12 (Shop)Kazordoon202,800 gpEmptyView
Outlaw Camp 13 (Shop)Kazordoon202,800 gpEmptyView
Outlaw Camp 14 (Shop)Kazordoon354,900 gpEmptyView
The Farms 1Kazordoon7810,920 gpEmptyView
The Farms 2Kazordoon496,860 gpEmptyView
The Farms 3Kazordoon496,860 gpEmptyView
The Farms 4Kazordoon496,860 gpEmptyView
The Farms 5Kazordoon496,860 gpEmptyView
The Farms 6, Fishing HutKazordoon425,880 gpEmptyView
Admiral's Avenue 1Liberty Bay17624,640 gpEmptyView
Admiral's Avenue 2Liberty Bay18325,620 gpEmptyView
Admiral's Avenue 3Liberty Bay14420,160 gpEmptyView
Freedom Street 1Liberty Bay8411,760 gpEmptyView
Freedom Street 2Liberty Bay20829,120 gpEmptyView
Harvester's Haven, Flat 01Liberty Bay304,200 gpEmptyView
Harvester's Haven, Flat 02Liberty Bay365,040 gpEmptyView
Harvester's Haven, Flat 03Liberty Bay304,200 gpEmptyView
Harvester's Haven, Flat 04Liberty Bay365,040 gpEmptyView
Harvester's Haven, Flat 05Liberty Bay304,200 gpEmptyView
Harvester's Haven, Flat 06Liberty Bay304,200 gpEmptyView
Harvester's Haven, Flat 07Liberty Bay365,040 gpEmptyView
Harvester's Haven, Flat 08Liberty Bay304,200 gpEmptyView
Harvester's Haven, Flat 09Liberty Bay304,200 gpEmptyView
Harvester's Haven, Flat 10Liberty Bay365,040 gpEmptyView
Harvester's Haven, Flat 11Liberty Bay304,200 gpEmptyView
Harvester's Haven, Flat 12Liberty Bay304,200 gpEmptyView
Ivory Circle 1Liberty Bay16022,400 gpEmptyView
Trader's Point 1Liberty Bay7710,780 gpOwned by Aggressive MajonezeView
Trader's Point 2Liberty Bay19827,720 gpEmptyView
Trader's Point 3Liberty Bay19827,720 gpEmptyView
Marble Lane 1Liberty Bay32044,800 gpEmptyView
Marble Lane 2Liberty Bay20028,000 gpEmptyView
Marble Lane 3Liberty Bay24033,600 gpEmptyView
Marble Lane 4Liberty Bay19226,880 gpEmptyView
The Tavern 1aLiberty Bay8011,200 gpEmptyView
The Tavern 1bLiberty Bay567,840 gpEmptyView
The Tavern 1cLiberty Bay12617,640 gpEmptyView
The Tavern 1dLiberty Bay456,300 gpEmptyView
The Tavern 2aLiberty Bay16823,520 gpEmptyView
The Tavern 2bLiberty Bay608,400 gpEmptyView
The Tavern 2cLiberty Bay324,480 gpEmptyView
The Tavern 2dLiberty Bay405,600 gpEmptyView
Ivory Circle 2Liberty Bay21630,240 gpEmptyView
Sugar Street 1Liberty Bay9613,440 gpEmptyView
Sugar Street 2Liberty Bay7210,080 gpEmptyView
Sugar Street 3aLiberty Bay547,560 gpEmptyView
Sugar Street 3bLiberty Bay608,400 gpEmptyView
Sugar Street 4aLiberty Bay365,040 gpEmptyView
Sugar Street 4bLiberty Bay304,200 gpEmptyView
Sugar Street 4cLiberty Bay243,360 gpEmptyView
Sugar Street 4dLiberty Bay243,360 gpEmptyView
Sugar Street 5Liberty Bay486,720 gpOwned by PixoholikView
Ivy CottageLiberty Bay70398,420 gpEmptyView
Arena Walk 1Svargrond12817,920 gpEmptyView
Arena Walk 2Svargrond547,560 gpEmptyView
Arena Walk 3Svargrond12016,800 gpEmptyView
Bears Paw 1Svargrond7210,080 gpEmptyView
Bears Paw 2Svargrond10014,000 gpEmptyView
Bears Paw 3Svargrond8011,200 gpEmptyView
Bears Paw 4Svargrond18826,320 gpEmptyView
Bears Paw 5Svargrond8111,340 gpEmptyView
Corner ShopSvargrond9613,440 gpEmptyView
Fimbul Shelf 1Svargrond486,720 gpEmptyView
Fimbul Shelf 2Svargrond567,840 gpEmptyView
Fimbul Shelf 3Svargrond669,240 gpEmptyView
Fimbul Shelf 4Svargrond567,840 gpEmptyView
Furrier Quarter 1Svargrond8411,760 gpEmptyView
Furrier Quarter 2Svargrond567,840 gpEmptyView
Glacier Side 1Svargrond659,100 gpEmptyView
Glacier Side 2Svargrond16122,540 gpEmptyView
Glacier Side 3Svargrond7510,500 gpEmptyView
Glacier Side 4Svargrond7510,500 gpEmptyView
Pilchard Bin 1Svargrond304,200 gpEmptyView
Pilchard Bin 2Svargrond243,360 gpEmptyView
Pilchard Bin 3Svargrond233,220 gpEmptyView
Pilchard Bin 4Svargrond243,360 gpEmptyView
Pilchard Bin 5Svargrond243,360 gpEmptyView
Pilchard Bin 6Svargrond253,500 gpEmptyView
Pilchard Bin 7Svargrond202,800 gpEmptyView
Pilchard Bin 8Svargrond202,800 gpEmptyView
Pilchard Bin 9Svargrond172,380 gpEmptyView
Pilchard Bin 10Svargrond202,800 gpEmptyView
Raven Corner 1Svargrond405,600 gpEmptyView
Raven Corner 2Svargrond669,240 gpEmptyView
Raven Corner 3Svargrond405,600 gpEmptyView
Shady Rocks 1Svargrond13218,480 gpEmptyView
Shady Rocks 2Svargrond7710,780 gpEmptyView
Shady Rocks 3Svargrond15421,560 gpEmptyView
Shady Rocks 4 Svargrond11015,400 gpEmptyView
Shady Rocks 5Svargrond11015,400 gpEmptyView
Shelf SiteSvargrond16022,400 gpEmptyView
Skiffs End 1Svargrond709,800 gpEmptyView
Skiffs End 2Svargrond425,880 gpEmptyView
Spirit Homes 1Svargrond648,960 gpEmptyView
Spirit Homes 2Svargrond648,960 gpEmptyView
Spirit Homes 3Svargrond12817,920 gpEmptyView
Spirit Homes 4Svargrond496,860 gpEmptyView
Spirit Homes 5Svargrond567,840 gpEmptyView
Trout Plaza 1Svargrond11215,680 gpEmptyView
Trout Plaza 2Svargrond648,960 gpEmptyView
Trout Plaza 3Svargrond456,300 gpEmptyView
Trout Plaza 4Svargrond365,040 gpEmptyView
Trout Plaza 5 Svargrond14420,160 gpEmptyView
Tusk Flats 1Svargrond405,600 gpEmptyView
Tusk Flats 2Svargrond425,880 gpEmptyView
Tusk Flats 3Svargrond354,900 gpEmptyView
Tusk Flats 4Svargrond243,360 gpEmptyView
Tusk Flats 5Svargrond304,200 gpEmptyView
Tusk Flats 6Svargrond354,900 gpEmptyView
SeawatchCarlin61686,240 gpEmptyView
Furrier Quarter 3Svargrond476,580 gpEmptyView
Mammoth BellySvargrond60584,700 gpEmptyView
Frost ManorSvargrond67193,940 gpEmptyView
Crystal GlanceSvargrond51071,400 gpEmptyView
Litter Promenade 5Liberty Bay263,640 gpEmptyView
Litter Promenade 4Liberty Bay202,800 gpEmptyView
Litter Promenade 3Liberty Bay223,080 gpEmptyView
Litter Promenade 2Liberty Bay182,520 gpEmptyView
Litter Promenade 1Liberty Bay182,520 gpEmptyView
Straycat's Corner 6Liberty Bay202,800 gpEmptyView
Straycat's Corner 5Liberty Bay294,060 gpEmptyView
Rum Alley 3Liberty Bay182,520 gpEmptyView
The ShelterLiberty Bay56078,400 gpEmptyView
Rum Alley 2Liberty Bay202,800 gpEmptyView
Rum Alley 1Liberty Bay273,780 gpEmptyView
Smuggler Backyard 3Liberty Bay334,620 gpEmptyView
Shady Trail 3Liberty Bay182,520 gpEmptyView
Smuggler Backyard 4Liberty Bay223,080 gpEmptyView
Smuggler Backyard 5Liberty Bay273,780 gpEmptyView
Smuggler Backyard 1Liberty Bay314,340 gpEmptyView
Shady Trail 2Liberty Bay233,220 gpEmptyView
Shady Trail 1Liberty Bay385,320 gpEmptyView
Straycat's Corner 1Liberty Bay192,660 gpEmptyView
Straycat's Corner 2Liberty Bay405,600 gpEmptyView
Straycat's Corner 3Liberty Bay141,960 gpEmptyView
Straycat's Corner 4Liberty Bay162,240 gpEmptyView
Haggler's Hangout 1Port Hope496,860 gpEmptyView
Haggler's Hangout 2Port Hope496,860 gpEmptyView
Haggler's Hangout 4a (Shop)Port Hope567,840 gpEmptyView
Haggler's Hangout 4b (Shop)Port Hope567,840 gpEmptyView
Haggler's Hangout 3Port Hope25635,840 gpEmptyView
Haggler's Hangout 5 (Shop)Port Hope567,840 gpEmptyView
Haggler's Hangout 6Port Hope20829,120 gpEmptyView
Bamboo Garden 1Port Hope486,720 gpEmptyView
Bamboo Garden 2Port Hope334,620 gpEmptyView
Bamboo Garden 3Port Hope507,000 gpEmptyView
Bamboo FortressPort Hope782109,480 gpEmptyView
Shark ManorPort Hope24133,740 gpEmptyView
Coconut Quay 1Port Hope648,960 gpEmptyView
Coconut Quay 2Port Hope425,880 gpEmptyView
Coconut Quay 3Port Hope709,800 gpEmptyView
Coconut Quay 4Port Hope7210,080 gpEmptyView
Banana Bay 2Port Hope365,040 gpEmptyView
Banana Bay 3Port Hope253,500 gpEmptyView
Banana Bay 4Port Hope253,500 gpEmptyView
Banana Bay 1Port Hope253,500 gpEmptyView
Crocodile Bridge 2Port Hope365,040 gpEmptyView
Crocodile Bridge 1Port Hope425,880 gpEmptyView
Crocodile Bridge 3Port Hope496,860 gpEmptyView
Crocodile Bridge 4Port Hope17424,360 gpEmptyView
Crocodile Bridge 5Port Hope15421,560 gpEmptyView
Woodway 1Port Hope365,040 gpEmptyView
Woodway 2Port Hope304,200 gpEmptyView
Woodway 3Port Hope659,100 gpEmptyView
River Homes 1Port Hope12817,920 gpEmptyView
River Homes 2aPort Hope425,880 gpEmptyView
River Homes 2bPort Hope567,840 gpEmptyView
River Homes 3Port Hope17624,640 gpEmptyView
Woodway 4Port Hope243,360 gpEmptyView
Flamingo Flats 5Port Hope8411,760 gpEmptyView
Flamingo Flats 1Port Hope304,200 gpEmptyView
Flamingo Flats 4Port Hope365,040 gpEmptyView
Flamingo Flats 2Port Hope425,880 gpEmptyView
Flamingo Flats 3Port Hope304,200 gpEmptyView
Jungle Edge 4Port Hope365,040 gpEmptyView
Jungle Edge 5Port Hope365,040 gpEmptyView
Jungle Edge 6Port Hope253,500 gpEmptyView
Jungle Edge 2Port Hope12817,920 gpEmptyView
Jungle Edge 3Port Hope365,040 gpEmptyView
Jungle Edge 1Port Hope9813,720 gpEmptyView
Mountain HideoutLiberty Bay40356,420 gpEmptyView
Theater Avenue 11cCarlin243,360 gpEmptyView
The TreehousePort Hope70098,000 gpEmptyView
Rookgaard Village #1Rookgaard283,920 gpEmptyView
Rookgaard Village #2Rookgaard202,800 gpEmptyView
Rookgaard Village #3Rookgaard253,500 gpEmptyView
Rookgaard Village #4Rookgaard567,840 gpEmptyView
Rookgaard Village #5Rookgaard253,500 gpEmptyView
Rookgaard Village #6Rookgaard253,500 gpEmptyView
Rookgaard Village #7Rookgaard456,300 gpEmptyView
Rookgaard Village #8Rookgaard618,540 gpEmptyView
Rookgaard Village #9Rookgaard547,560 gpEmptyView
Rookgaard Village #10Rookgaard557,700 gpEmptyView
Rookgaard Village #11Rookgaard7510,500 gpEmptyView
Rookgaard GuildhallRookgaard31243,680 gpEmptyView
Rookgaard Town #1Rookgaard162,240 gpEmptyView
Rookgaard Town #2Rookgaard304,200 gpEmptyView
Rookgaard Town #3Rookgaard162,240 gpEmptyView
Rookgaard Town #4Rookgaard172,380 gpEmptyView
Rookgaard Village #12Rookgaard496,860 gpEmptyView
Rookgaard Village #13Rookgaard486,720 gpEmptyView
Rookgaard Village #14Rookgaard486,720 gpEmptyView
Rookgaard Village #16Rookgaard162,240 gpEmptyView
Rookgaard Village #15Rookgaard162,240 gpEmptyView
Rookgaard Village #17Rookgaard172,380 gpEmptyView
Rookgaard Village #18Rookgaard263,640 gpEmptyView
Rookgaard Village #19Rookgaard233,220 gpEmptyView
Rookgaard Village #20Rookgaard263,640 gpEmptyView
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